Your Brief Guide to Mobile Pokies

You can now enjoy playing mobile pokies (slots) at any time on your tablet or smartphone. Playing on the internet allows you to access a huge collection of games, multi-million jackpots, as well as loads of special promotions and bonus deals.

Mobile gaming has really taken off in recent years with the advent of phones such as iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, as well as Galaxy Tab and iPad. Of course, you can still join in the fun even if you haven't got the latest tablet or smartphone. Mobile casinos work with a wide array of platforms.

Why Play Mobile Pokies?

Mobile Pokies

There are several advantages attached to playing online slots over playing at regular land-based casinos, including:

  • You can play anywhere at any time
  • There are loads of promotions and bonuses
  • The game return percentages are higher
  • There are massive jackpots up for grabs
  • You can pick from a huge library of games

How Phone Pokies Work

Mobile Pokies

Playing pokies on your phone or tablet is almost similar to playing online poker on your computer. There are lots of poker machines that now offer mobile variants of their sites, while others provide apps that you can download onto your phone. But even if these aren't available, it's often possible (but less reliable) to enjoy a game on the casino's regular site via your phone's browser.

The ease with which you can access these games depends on what type of portable device you're using and what the online casino offers. Here's a brief overview of the experiences to expect depending on the type of device you're using.

Android Devices

Mobile Pokies

If you're using an Android-powered phone or tablet, you may realize that you've got a little more options compared to when you're using Apple-powered devices. There's virtually no difference when it comes to mobile websites as almost all online casinos have a dedicated website that works for both Android and Apple users.

However, Android users have it easier when it comes to apps. Google Play and Apple App Store have a similar policy, limiting the sale of gambling apps to markets in which they're licensed. But the way Android is set up makes it a little easier for firms to circumvent this. Many online casinos offer apps for direct download from their sites, getting around the official policy of Google. These apps are usually the simplest ways to enjoy slots on your Android device.

Apple Devices

There are good and bad news when it comes to playing pokies on your iPhone or iPad. On the plus side, online gambling platforms know just how popular Apple devices are all over the world, and therefore have ensured that their mobile websites are compatible with Apple tablets and phones. If it's basically a matter of looking up a site on your web browser, you shouldn't have any major problem playing slots on your iPad or iPhone.

Mobile Pokies vs. Online Slots

Online slots and mobile pokies are one and the same thing. Keep in mind that the word "pokie" refers to slots as Aussie players love to call them. Pokies might be any slot game that's available on the internet. You could play slots on the go via flash technology online or download them onto your tablet or smartphone.